NikiJuly17th’s Kurtbastian

NikiJuly17th’s Kurtbastian

When Kurt opened the door, he found Blaine standing on his porch, soaked from head to toe and shivering. His eyes were wide with something resembling fear and hopelessness. In my office, now. Glee Fanfiction 1 So…this are NOT my stories…but I like them…I was collecting them on my computer for a year, now I will continue to collect them here:. Kurt nodded quietly before turning his attention back to the figure on the hospital bed. The tall man seemed to be sleeping peacefully, but the many tubes going in and out of his body told a different story. It had been 10 days since Burt Hummel had had a heart attack, and he was yet to wake up from his coma. Everything in his posture screamed fatigue, and exhaustion, and something else which was harder to describe, something that was noticed by its absence rather than its presence – there seemed to be only little hope left in him. We would like to talk to you quietly, if that is possible?

Weave Your Magic Blog — Klaine Fic Rec: Meeting Online/On the Phone AUs

After years of pining over the most popular boy in McKinley – Kurt Hummel, nerd boy Blaine Anderson manages to get Kurt’s cell phone number Blaine decides to use this as an opportunity to confess every feeling he’s ever had for Kurt, how much he admires him, how much he’s wanted to ask him out, for once and for all in the safest way possible Kurt and Blaine are friends. Best friends.

And they’ve decided to stay that way, which would be fine for Blaine except he’s been in love with Kurt since high school. After an epic night out that’s not a date , Blaine decides to start over fresh in the morning.

Defying: Blaine didn’t expect his friends to be happy about him dating Kurt, but he didn’t think they’d be so mean about it. Enchanting: Kurt and Blaine’s first date.

Kurt has potentially the best eye for flirting-in-progress than anyone else Blaine has ever met. Kurt is also potentially the most blind to people flirting with him than anyone else Blaine has ever met. This is something Blaine is not just realising. Keep reading. So anyone who follows me knows that I have an absolute weakness for jealous! So often, not only in canon but fanon, Blaine is the one sought after. Sebastian is hotter than Chandler. So, anytime I find a story that gives me Kurt being sought after and Blaine realizing that oh, yes, Kurt Hummel is a hot piece that others want, it gives me a serious happy.

Especially since Blaine oftentimes deals with his jealousy in such yummy ways.

Klaine dating fanfiction

Blaine, Wes, David and the boys of Windsor House make his life, for better or worse, far more eventful than he imagined. Things progress from there. I can sense your hesitation, but just give the first chapter a try. He makes a new friend, little Blaine, on the playground one day. This is their story.

Listed in order of posting date, starting with the earliest in each category. The Place That I’ve Been Dreaming Of ( words) [Kurt/Blaine] Short fic about the.

Puddle of Grace. Blaine Anderson thought he had the perfect life: wonderful parents, great friends, a prominent role in the Warblers. Everything changed one day at lunch, when Blaine looked down at a picture of a missing kid on a milk carton and realized he was looking at himself. The Hudmels go to the mall and help Kurt pick out an anniversary gift for Blaine. Mayhem ensues. This Side. Kurt and Blaine have been best friends since the day Kurt stopped Blaine on the stairs at Dalton, but never anything more.

This is why Blaine is more than a little shocked when Kurt suggests that they lose their virginity to one another before they head off to New York for college. New York! A Whole New World. The Mis Adventures of Teenage Boys. This is a series of fics about the developing sexual relationship between Kurt and Blaine and all of the joys, embarrassments, and surprises they experience along the way. No Me Gusta!!!

Klaine AU/Klaine Fanfiction

Later Then? On any regular day, Kurt would claim to hate children. You Could Do Better by partitioning agencymesa. Sebastian starts hitting on Kurt whenever Blaine leaves them alone together.

Glee Fanfiction 1 So this are NOT my stories but I like them http://​ EVERYDAY (Kurt and Blaine have been scary about that sort of stuff but, don’t worry, you’re only 14, you’ll be fine without a date.

If you wanna know more about what I am posting check out my ‘about me’ page I am not spoiler free and I won’t be but I am tagged them under “spoiler”. Unnamed by Chatterboxrose; A short headcanon of right after the Klaine kiss in 6x Blaine head space warnings for mentions of Karofsky if that gets to you idk. Things start to get a little heated, but in a good way.

Misuse of a piano. Just a one-shot. Kurt is distracted all through the double date and Blaine is sort of stuck in the choir room. I needed some getting-back-together fiction to get over the cliffhanger. Me love me some blangst. This is an officially getting back together fic. How that blasted choir room scene should have gone. After his random appearance at McKinley, Blaine waits for Kurt to come.

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Go Your Own Way :. Dalton :. Near Misses :. Little Numbers :. Worlds Apart :.

Kurt thought to himself. Well I’ll just text him cancelling the date A minute later Blaine heard his phone buzz and he looked down to see it was a text from Kurt.

Instead, he meets and falls in love with Blaine online. They meet in real life through show choir. After The Beep , by sir-pyllero. Short but so sweet. He leaves Kurt an apologetic voicemail message, and Kurt calls him back to cheer him up. Sometime later, they meet in person. Boy Meets Boy , by munchkinpandas. Kurt and Blaine meeting online as fans of David Levithan.

To always love you… — Glee Fanfiction 1

Kurt Hummel had never had a boyfriend. He was currently 18 years old, living with his dad, step-brother, and step-mom in Lima, Ohio, a senior at McKinley High School and big plans to go to college next year in New York. And he was completely alone. But, that did not make him desperate.

Burt comes out gay dating dave kurt glee fanfic – Register and search over 40 guys kurt after coming out that burt comes out the new terms of rachel and blaine​.

Main videos; coach biest? Brittany loved who is puck and quinn had gotten together to find a search. Fanfiction rachel and rachel berry and puck and laughing together. During glee fanfic use the series finale of a football babe author likes. Her walk by adamantly denying the alcohol episode. Snuffybaby’s fanfiction dating lesbian twins – rated: other asian, oneshots, because if glee fanfiction love with beautiful people.

Glee – Bear cub breaks in Blaine and Karofsky’s apartment 6×04

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